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Be a Teacher, a Student, be Challenged and be Motivated. We focus on the subconscious and conscious thoughts that go into what, why and how you really see what's important in the subject, before the shot is even taken. And that applies to how the viewer reacts of course. This understanding helps you to use techniques in the best way possible to impress, affect and grab the viewer's attention. The CRAFT (technical) is covered by thousands of sites, but we cover the ART and SOUL of photography by discussing the Psychology and Philosophy of how the mind and heart sees and relates to imaging. Yep, it's different, but very important. And no, it's not high brow, it's actually very simple. To get the most from this site, Register and Login to read helpful comments, to submit images and comments to help others, and for discussion and suggestions to your own images. Whether you're a Master or an Apprentice, we're always learning. There are no fees in this school, but it will take some study and homework, it's not just a laid back read to fill in time.


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Mini cars, yes and no.

I was so impressed with how good this series of photos using model cars in the real world was, that I asked Dimitris Gerebakanis…

Standing Proud

SMART review and Critique Remember, this critique is to help explain how the mind works, to help in creating the right scene that satisfies…

Portraits – Aaarrrgghh!!!

Snippet – and warning – Be prepared for a no hold barred article here, then comment below with your thoughts. It might seem I’m…

Who Are You Really?

Who are you – really? Do you (A) take a certain style of photo predominantly? Or do you (B)┬ásnap all over the place and…

2018 Workshops – The Mind Matters

Why would you want to go? To help combine Head, Heart, Art and Craft (instead of just the technical) to create masterful images that…

7 Types of Photo taking

Types of images can pretty much fall into 7 categories. Not talking genres here. A lot of people who’ve heard me talk on this…

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