2018 Workshops – The Mind Matters

Why would you want to go?

To help combine Head, Heart, Art and Craft (instead of just the technical) to create masterful images that attract, engage and move the viewer.  If you’ve stretched your mind delving into technical stuff and techniques, and taking and displaying your work but feel it could be the same as almost everything else out there – and want to find who you are as a photographer, what is best to specialise in and finding your style, vision and voice – then this series about The Mind Matters will help you stand apart by creating standout originals not copies.

If you’re ready to stretch your mind even further (right brain stuff) into art and heart – creating emotive imagery that viewers will be captivated by – come along.

As you will see from the fees, this is not about making money, it’s about giving as many people as possible an opportunity to look at photography in perhaps a new way. Have a look at the testimonials below.

Dennis:  “I’ve studied these concepts on Adrian’s site for a little while now and have to say, it’s changed my view on photography completely and I have a greater depth of understanding of imagery overall. I feel I’ve been wasting my time playing around with toys all these years and now feel as if I’ve grown up at last. I’m looking forward to taking it further face to face in the workshops.”  

Murray:  “This site has been a revelation to me, unlocking the subconscious and allowing the creativity to flow more easily. It’s challenging and stimulating – a must for every Photographer’s toolkit. The Smart checklist has expanded my potential.”

Keven: “It is easy as one develops one’s skills to go down the path of improvement by developing one’s technical skills. After reading information on Adrian Lowe’s workshops and visiting his Imagineering website, I am already starting to look at photography with a different perspective. I can see that developing one’s technical skills only gives one a technically good photo, and the subject, composition and mood can be quite mundane. I am now looking for ways to make my images more outstanding, more unique, more absorbing and more a reflection of me as the image maker. I am now wanting my photos to tell a story, or to capture a mood, or reflect my personal view of a subject.  And with Adrian’s information I am now moving down that path.”

RiteshGhosh-yellowgirl-800 copy

“Girl Stepping Out” by Ritesh Ghosh

Conceptual Overview

What makes a photo impressive? Subtle elements behind what the eye sees – the mind’s eye in fact. These workshops explain how the mind’s eye (subconscious and conscious mind) works when viewing and interpreting the scene or subject before us, how to recognize unique elements, and then how to use techniques in camera and post-production to highlight those unique and often subtle elements. More at About

The workshops will delve into the psychology of photographic imagery and how we can create original images with strong attraction, engaging elements and memorable attributes.

Also discussed will be concepts based around how the subconscious gets attracted to, and distracted by, different elements in a scene/subject. More at Topics

The subconscious, based on our most basic prehistoric instincts, reacts to many elements in a scene before us. For example: whether it be shadows that make us wary and therefore peer into for safety sake (notice dark scenes in movies make us look harder) Or different components that work together to eke out a story (Neanderthals survived on tell tale signs that add up to helping them conquer their prey)

Important bit – These are instinctive, automatic reactions, so using these aspects in our images will make the viewer react instinctively, automatically.

There’s more to it than meets the eye. It’s all in the mind and no one can escape it. And once understood, it’s your secret weapon in your arsenal, to create original images not copies.

Come with an open mind, pens and notebook. And if you want a preview of how some of this works, look at this critique of the above image by Ritesh.

Be quick if you’re serious, as people are rushing to get on board as you can see from this image below.

PaulSomers-800 copy

“Subway mayhem” by Paul Somers

Workshop Outlines

Workshop 1   COMPLETED

  • Intro to “The Mind Matters” Highlighting the dark areas of the grey matter.
  • Who are you, really?  Show me! The beginning of the rest of your life.
  • The 7 Types of Photos and their place in life. Purpose/Context – So what?
  • The SMART process plus the extra S. From the vision and interpretation to the shooting and processing, then critiquing, this one process makes it smarter for each step.
  • Titles – To be or not to be?
  • Homework. What? You thought you could just sit back?

Workshop 2    COMPLETED

  • Review SMARTS process and get feedback
  • Update to the 9 Types of photos – 4 reasons but only 1 Purpose.
  • Portraits vs Commercial fashion and product shoots. The most sadly misused genre of all.
    • Portraits, portrayals – suiting the purpose
    • Environmental portraits – catching them in the act.
    • Techniques, tips and tricks – dos and dont’s
  • Street/Candid/Cultural – shoot the “moment” not the scene.
  • Scapes – more than meets the eye, make it different. Tips and tricks, the myth of large dof.
  • Techniques – What, how and when, and how the mind subconsciously sees and reacts to them. It’s a secret weapon.
  • Putting it into practice.

Workshop 3 – Project Development from start to finish and beyond.
August 11th in Caloundra and August 19th in Brisbane

  • Artistic images – on the drive or on the wall?
  • More Mind Matters. Secrets to attracting, engaging and getting reactions from viewers.
  • Single images vs bodies of work – get serious and make a difference.
  • Shotlists and Setting up Projects and exhibitions
    • Purpose and Planning.
    • Themes and Storytelling
    • Storyboards
    • Collaborations for exhibitions
    • Exhibitions for charities and causes.
  • “Creativity” – must be novel and purposeful – steps to creativity.
  • Putting it all together – Being your true self and being known for it.
  • How to deal with fame and fortune? A light look at what’s next – your commitment.

We look forward to seeing you there and working with you and your valuable comments.

Workshop 3 is the same in Brisbane as Sunny coast.

Workshop Dates for Brisbane at Albion Peace and Community Centre, 102 McDonald Rd, Windsor. Hosted by the Brisbane Camera Group.

$20 per Workshop (includes morning tea)

Workshop 3:     19th August  (9.00am – 1.30pm)    
Book now at: 

Workshop Dates for the Sunshine Coast at Caloundra Indoor Bowling Club, Western end of Burke St. Hosted by the Caloundra Camera Group.

$10 per Workshop (includes afternoon tea)

Workshop 3:     (WS3)  11th August  (1pm – 5.30pm)

Book Now for the Sunshine Coast by depositing the fee into their bank account, and check your statement for confirmation.

EFT:  Caloundra Camera Group – Auswide Bank – BSB No: 656 400 Acct No: 102588775

with a reference for example: WS3 JohnSmith

Don’t wait, get on yer bike now.

“Girl on Bike” by Angel Rodriguez

About Adrian Lowe

Adrian has been involved with photography in one way or another at all levels for the past 50 years or so. In his early professional photography days, he owned two retail stores, a mini-lab and a studio, as well as many years as a wedding photographer. Later on, when he became a psychotherapist during the day and a philosophy tutor at night, the understanding of the connection between how and why the brain thinks, sees and interprets images became very clear.

It was then that he developed the SMART process, creating a checklist of points that can be used during the initial vision, interpretation, capturing, processing and critiquing the image.

In more recent times, and now in retirement, Adrian is a PSQ photography judge, seminar convenor, tutor, speaker, and exhibitor of photography projects

We hope to see you there and look forward to your comments and input as well.

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