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Why?  Knowing more about “The Psychology and Philosophy of Photography” will make your hobby or business more engaging, more impressive, more satisfying and more successful.

What?  There are thousands of sites that talk about the technical aspects of photography with shutter speed, aperture settings, ISO settings and so on, but there isn’t much around, if anything, about how the unconscious mind works and the visionary processes that take place before you shoot, and when the viewer looks at your images.

How? We’re going to (simply and in a fun way) explain how various subconscious thought patterns affect WHAT, WHY and HOW we see the world around us. Understanding those subconscious processes allows us to identify key aspects of the scene/subject that are important for a particular purpose, so we can use particular techniques that get to the heart and mind of the viewers. They will linger longer on your image, be suitably moved and they’ll throw rose petals at your feet in admiration and awe….. Well, at least to bring some depth to the craft of photography anyway. These days, even more so, dare to be different or get lost in the overwhelming number of the same photos.

These will be written in a simple to understand, fun way (got the message?) and when understood and applied, will make your photos irresistible. After a while, it will just be instinctive for you. And that’s feedback from those who’ve braved my talks over the years. Get a cuppa and go for it.

It’s all in the mind!

Who?  You! Knowing how the grey matter works in the background will not only help you create masterpieces, but also help you critique your work and other’s in a more constructive way, no more opinions, because you’ll be using factual, mind blowing info.

So it’s a classroom where you are a teacher and student, a master and an apprentice, in one. No matter how long or how good we think we are, there’s always more to understand about imaging, stories, emotions, various techniques and so on that we can use to our advantage. The viewer will be in a far better position to see and feel what we’re trying to put across.

Photos are meant to evoke emotions aren’t they? Pleasure, sadness, excitement, curiosity, revulsion, call to action. With literally millions of photos taken every day, and in our face through social media, images are getting more repetitive, bland and dare I say it, boring. It’s a good time to remind ourselves that images are more than snapshots, that we can create what’s in our mind’s eye and stand apart. It might mean you take less photos. Good! Take ones that crackle and pop instead of snap shots.

What now?

  1. I suggest you start with SMART Thinking. It’s an overview of the key elements that make or break a good photo opportunity.
  2. Read the topics available.
  3. Participate in the monthly Challenge.
  4. Submit photos to a post for comments by others, and comment on other’s photos. (with the following guidelines)
  5. Examples will show, explain and critique images in relation to our topics.

Creating new ideas doesn’t have to be a painful process.


a. BE NICE. You might think you know everything, but humility, politeness and suggestions are better than “you should have …..”

b.  Images (max longest side 800px at 72 px and less that 1mb) submitted need to follow the point of the topic posted in particular, and the elements of the SMART process.

c.  The following must accompany each image.

  1. Explain what was your vision to achieve elements in the image to fit the brief,
  2. Briefly state how you achieved that with shooting conditions and particular processing (craft/skills) to highlight that essence?

d.  Your comments on other’s posts should be helpful and conform to the brief, using the SMART critique check list.

It’s mind blowing! You could find a whole new world in your head and we’re looking forward to your thoughts and images that come out of it.

Make sure you Register and Login to get the most from this site. There are no fees, no catches.

Have fun. Adrian  (bio here)

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