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About AL

Who is this psycho, taking our art and craft into the dark areas of the mind, you might ask?

Some of you already know me as a photographic judge, seminar convenor, tutor, Masters Apprentices Club founder, speaker and exhibitionist. (No, not that type)

Some of you may or may not know of my early professional photography days owning two retail stores, a mini lab and a studio. I won’t mention the years of obligatory weddings in case my rash comes up again. I kept my interest going in the ensuing years when I was normal, and then when I became a psychotherapist during the day and a philosophy tutor at nights, the understanding of the connection between how and why the brain thinks and sees and interprets images, became very clear.

It was then that I developed, as some of you may know, the SMART approach, which was the first time of connecting the subconscious processes to the conscious awareness and techniques of imaging. Things progressed further with my talks around the country, when it became very clear that people wanted to know much more, hence this website and blog. You can read more about the how’s and why’s in the about section.

Why now? Being retired and living on an island with limited opportunities for photography has put me in the direction of projects and exhibitions, with the odd talk. Yes, odd as in I didn’t speak of cameras, shutter speeds and apertures, the rule of thirds or straight horizons, but of the vision and interpretation behind it. Those talks have stirred the pot and so here we are.

Apart from my past research papers on the subject (on the link between the subconscious, it’s instinctive drives, and its link to creativity and production) appearing in a new light, there will be contributions from other like minded photographers. While some people are instinctively Masters and produce masterpieces, it helps to learn why it is so. With your involvement, comments, critiques, images and contributions, everyone can help each other. We will all be both teacher and student, a master and an apprentice.

After 50 years of photography at all levels, I’m still learning and look forward to learning from you all by delving deeper into our little grey matter.

Let me know what you think please.  Adrian Lowe

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