Mini cars, yes and no.

I was so impressed with how good this series of photos using model cars in the real world was, that I asked Dimitris Gerebakanis to put himself in the headlights for this article. This is a terrific example of creating your own opportunities instead of relying on that perfect scene or opportunity to present itself.  There are so many photos taken these days that are all too familiar that it’s refreshing to see someone create unique images. They are imaginative, well set up, humorous and very well composed with masterful techniques that bring it all together.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your work, Dimitris, what equipment do you generally use?
“Fuji X bodies and wide-angle lenses with wide apertures e.x. Fuji X-T20 + Samyang 12mm f2 / Fujinon 23mm f1.4”

What are your thought processes in taking them?
“Nothing in particular, just a hint of the moment.”

What do you look for as far as locations go?
“Looking for locations with depth or guiding lines or bokeh lights.”

The Mini again so you can see it in a larger size.

Processing hints?
“A little bit of sharpening and some analog filters (Nik Collection on Ps) to create a moody image.”

And just to show it’s not all about cars, this magnificent shot of a scooter is probably my favourite of them all. The reflection, very low point of view, great perspective, moody feeling – brilliant! Again, when all the elements are used to compliment each other to create a unified look, it’s a masterpiece.

Dimitris lives in Greece, and I asked him to tell us something about himself.

“Ι consider myself a photo enthusiast. Photography is my therapy, when I walk on an unknown place with my camera in my hands is one of my best moments. Look, locate and press the shutter. I see snapshots everywhere!”

We are very much entertained Dimitris, so, “Efharisto para poli.”

Got similar shots? Or if this inspires you, post it below please.

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