Standing Proud

SMART review and Critique

Remember, this critique is to help explain how the mind works, to help in creating the right scene that satisfies sub conscious needs and wants. Any image that doesn’t satisfy those aspects, crunches several gears in our mind, so the image gets ignored, at best, or disliked at worst. These articles may be long but it’s meant as a “lesson”, not a quick club grading.

Image by Ken Walker from United Kingdom.

If you haven’t already, read the SMART Thinking outline at least, to follow this review.

This is an outstanding, dramatic photo. It deserves to be on walls as inspiration, uncluttered, powerful.  Why? Read on.

“Standing Proud”

Subject – Similar to “Girl in Yellow” and probably any image chosen to be in this series, the subject is dramatically the bare tree. Your eyes have no choice in the matter and immediately go to it. That’s important in any image, for the mind to come to rest on a focal point first then have it be led around by other factors, always coming back, not off the page or scrolled past. It’s obvious here of course being minimalist, but in less dramatic images, things can be complicated. The tree is isolated by the bg and given a dark base to bounce off and continue to the tree itself, a circular attention grabber.

Again, a common aspect to great images, there’s nothing in here to distract from anything else.

The Adjective here taking in all the elements? Well, the title gives you the lead. Read the article on Titles here. “Standing Proud” makes your mind automatically associate with words such as strong, steadfast, solid and so on. If you hadn’t read the title, you may have already thought that, but the title cements it. The technique backs up all those things. (below)

Remember, the subject, its adjective and technique used should be all in accord. XXXX

Ken Walker

Initial vision from Ken:

Thanks Ken. We’re looking forward to many more.

Find More work by Ken Walker here:

Standing Proud

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